Why Is Mother Son Incest Fantasy so Appealing?

People who don’t have a desire for mother son incest fantasy are often baffled, or disgusted, by the thought of it. That is a ‘normal’ response. Most people are. But some men do have these desires or fantasies. Most of them don’t want to really have sex with their own mothers.

I think that the issue at the core of mother son incest fantasy, or any taboo fantasy, is the desire to be free. Free in thought and action. We get so many messages in life, from early childhood, about which ideas, thoughts, and behaviours are acceptable and unacceptable. And children are often seriously reprimanded or physically punished for expressing things such as masturbation. A hard clamp in closed down on us early on. We are often raised in a cloud of shame. But that doesn’t stop our brains and our libidos from wandering. In fact, it can make us want to break free even more and taste what’s outside those strict regulations. You’ve heard the expression ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.’

I have learned through my travels down the long and winding road of life that there simply is no such thing as ‘normal’. The human mind and spirit are boundless. As are our sexual appetites. It is this drive for bigger, different, more, and variation that drives us as a species. Without these motivations, we would make no progress, and you wouldn’t be reading this website. We are titillated by the things we aren’t ‘supposed’ to do or have. And everyone wishes to be free to do all the lustful, crazy sexual activities they possibly can.

I think this is in large part what drives the desire to play around with this notion of having sex with ‘mother’. It’s wrong, it’s bad, it’s prohibited, and therefore it is extremely tantalising. For some. Additionally, there are all the psycho-sexual and human development factors to consider. The person we are closest to in our lives throughout our development is our mother. We are very close with our fathers, too, assuming both are present. It is very common and very normal for a little boy or girl to say they want to marry their mommy or daddy when they grow up. Because that parent is the child’s role model, the person they identify with and want to to emulate, and who becomes our first embodiment of sexual and romantic awareness.

As we grow older, we are taught those feelings toward mommy or daddy are inappropriate, and most of us outgrow that early-stage phase of development and focus our romantic interests elsewhere. But for some, those feelings are still lurking.

This isn’t the case with everyone who wants to experience mommy son incest roleplay. As I noted, I think the key underlying issue is the desire to be free to express whatever outrageous sexual fantasy that is bubbling in our brains and loins. We are free human beings, free to think and fantasise about whatever we want. And our sexuality is one of nature’s greatest gifts. It gives so much pleasure. The beauty of it is that it’s on tap freely, is beneficial not harmful, is not addictive, and makes us happy. What could be better than that?

Personally, I think it’s important to express our sexuality to the fullest extent possible, with the caveat, of course, that we cause no harm and only do consensual things with adults. As long as that is the case, then we should engage fully in our human sexual urges and explore as much as we can. Even if that includes fucking ‘mommy’. So, if you have a secret mother son incest fantasy, don’t feel ashamed about it. I look at it this way: With all the evil, horrible things going on in this world, wanting to fuck mother is near the bottom of the list of things to worry about.