Escort or Prostitute: Which is the Best Terminology?

Escort or prostitute? Like lots of issues in society, the terminology for prostitution gets a lot of strong emotional reactions. The term ‘escort’ is a euphamism for ‘prostitute’ and the current most-widely used term in the business. I think it arose due to legal issues, on the premise that women were escorting men to dinner, etc. Well, I don’t escort anyone anywhere except to the bedroom. lol.

Hmmm, how many terms can I come up with for people who exchange sex for money? Escort, prostitute, hooker, whore, pro, professional, lady of the night, gigolo, rent boy, on the game (more of a description than a term)…that seems to be all I can come up with for now. Perhaps you can think of some others?

What I find really interesting is that when I refer to myself as a hooker or prostitute, my customers often get upset. They say things like, ‘Oh don’t say that, you’re not a prostitute.’ Now, I don’t know if that’s because they are reacting to society’s negative opionions and they don’t want me to think less of myself, or whether they don’t see me that way. Most of the men who visit me consider me a friend or a girlfriend on the side. Perhaps it’s their own self-image they are protecting and don’t like the idea of visiting a prostitute. Maybe both. I don’t know. I think it’s more likely that they just don’t see anything wrong with the exchange of sex for money and don’t buy into all the negative connotations and stereotypes. It’s an interesting topic.

I, personally, have no problem with any of these terms, though, to be honest, the term ‘whore’ rankles me a bit. I guess that is because of society’s view of whores as one of the lowest life forms. But, in theory, I’m not bothered about what the general population thinks, because most of them are terribly misguided. I often refer to myself as a hooker, in a playful way, so I guess that’s my favourite reference or terminology of what I do.

I don’t have comments enabled on my blog because it’s simply too much headache trying to police the spammers, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this subject. So, if you make a booking, we can have a chat about it.