Daddy Daughter Roleplay, Incest Fantasy

Before we get started discussing daddy daughter roleplay and incest fantasy, I want to make this statement: Having fantasies is one thing, acting on them is something different. If you have a compulsion to have actual sex with your real children, I urge you to seek counseling and get help so you don’t cause harm. This website is about exploring PRETEND daddy/daughter and incest fantasies between consenting adults!

What Is Daddy Daughter Roleplay?

In pigtails, licking lollipop

Daddy daughter roleplay is the flipside of mother son incest play. I pretend to be your daughter, and you pretend to be my Daddy. As an escort in the big city of London, I get requests for all sorts of scenarios, and this is a popular fantasy. It’s a horny taboo form of fantasy roleplay that I love. It’s titillating to do very naughty things with my “daddy”!

Do You Meet In Person?

Not anymore. I stopped doing in-person meets, thanks to Covid-19 and Monkey Pox. However, my phone sex sessions are very erotic. No, it’s not quite the same as meeting in real life; of course not. But eroticism is mostly stirred up in our imaginations anyway. If you want to learn more about my phone sessions, read my taboo phone sex page.

What Roles Do You Play?

I can do whatever you want. The possibilities are endless. However, these are the most popular.

Innocent little girl. It may sound ridiculous for a 50-something woman to pretend to be a little girl, but there is a part of my psyche that loves ageplay. And when I’m wearing Mary Janes and bunches, it certainly helps me get in the little girl headspace. I can be your vulnerable, impressionable little daughter that you groom to do your sexual bidding.

Teenaged temptress. Perhaps you prefer the idea of a slutty teenager or pre-teen who flaunts her tits and arse for the boys and it drives you wild. Maybe it makes you jealous that your hot daughter is having sex with her boyfriend and you want a piece of that for yourself. Maybe you’ve seen her come out of the bath in a short towel and it makes your cock twitch.

Enticing step-daughter. You’ve married a woman with a very pretty girl whom you can’t stop staring at. Her smile and bottom cause you to have impure thoughts. You think about her when you’re in bed with her mother. What are you going to do??

Favourite niece. Your sibling has a lovely young daughter that comes to visit often. You help her with her schoolwork, but you’re having a hard time concentrating on her history assignment. What you really want to teach her is anatomy.

Why Do You Like Incest Roleplay?

Because it’s just so wrong. But that’s what makes it horny! Don’t we always want what we can’t have, what we’re told is off-limits? Some say that all women have a part of them that is forever a little girl. Maybe that’s true. Though I never had sexual feelings toward my own father, I find daddy/girl roleplay highly erotic. It’s the CONCEPT of a father figure doing dirty things to me that is exciting. The idea of being seduced or “molested” by Daddy thrills me. I love being Daddy’s naughty little girl and playing secret games.

Do Daddy/Daughter or Incest Fantasies Mean I’m Sick or Twisted?

No. There is no crime in having thoughts or sexual desires. We are free human beings to think whatever we want. What you think about whilst engaging in sex or masturbation is nobody else’s business. Further, what two (or three or four, etc) consenting adults get up to behind closed doors (or on the telephone) is nobody else’s business.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the human mind and spirit is our indomitable sense of curiousity. The human brain is a complex entity, and our sexualities even more so. We have an innate drive to explore every dark corner of our minds and imaginations. Plus, we’re raving, horny perverts! : )

What Types of Daddy Daughter Fantasy Topics Can We Talk About?

Anything you like. Maybe you like the idea of mild contact, such as having your little girl sit on your lap in a nighty and no panties. Maybe something more intimate appeals to you. Perhaps we’re both naked whilst I’m sitting in your lap. Or we can get hardcore and go for full-on sex. You can fuck my young pussy whilst I call you Daddy. Really, I’m open to many scenarios. I’m rather unshockable. In fact, I enjoy engaging in taboo wickedness. What can I say? I have a VERY dirty mind.

How Do We Get Started?

All you have to do is give me a call. If you have never tried father daughter or daddy daughter roleplay and are a little apprehensive about incest fantasy or fantasy ageplay, that’s ok. Nothing will happen to you except an explosive orgasm. Come and indulge in the dark side with me. Don’t be scared, Daddy. It’s all just make-believe.

Kinky Sex Therapy

Maybe it would help to just talk things through and sort out your feelings, rather than have a sexy roleplay chat. If that’s the case, I offer kinky sex therapy. It’s a way for you to process any sexual thoughts or feelings you might have that cause you distress or anxiety. I’m a very friendly and non-judgmental person to talk to about any topic you wish, not just daddy daughter or incest fantasies.