Mother Son Roleplay Escort: Taboo Incest Fantasy, Kinky Mummy in London

Drawing of mother holding adult son. Nice mother son roleplay illustration.

NB: This information is about mother son roleplay escort in London or aunt newphew taboo incest play between consenting ADULTS. No minors, or real relatives, are involved!

If you find kinky mother son roleplay escort, mommy boy ageplay, or aunt nephew incest fantasy bizarre or freaky, that’s understandable. Most people do, especially initially. But I can assure you that 95% of the time, it isn’t about wanting to actually have sex with one’s own mother or aunty, though sometimes it is. I don’t judge. I accept people’s thoughts and desires as very personal, intimate information and treat them as top secret!

Taboo Family Fantasies – Mommy / Mummy / Mother Son Roleplay Escort in London

Though they may seem bizarre, incest fantasies are actually very common. Mummy boy fetish play is not so unusual. Many people find mommy, mummy, mother, mum son incest play very exciting. It is something society deems taboo, and in most countries the actual act of incest is criminal. But I deal in fantasy fulfillment. We are consenting adults, and as such, we can entertain any kinky, taboo family fantasies we desire. Many people share this fantasy. In fact, the demand for incest fantasy porn is on the rise.

The root of incestuous roleplay desires is often a need for deep intimacy and closeness with the person who you were closest to in your formative years. Men are not allowed to be vulnerable or express their child-like characteristics. For many, they never had the deep attachment with their mothers that children need and crave. This often results in a feeling of distance from loved ones and difficulty in expressing true intimacy. Mother son or mummy boy roleplay with me offers you the opportunity to express this in a safe environment with an understanding and nurturing adult.

For others, they simply have an open (dirty?) mind and a wish to explore all sorts of filthy sexual fantasies that are condemned by the general population. This idea of crossing the ultimate boundary and fucking mom’s pussy has a filthy, animalistic appeal to it for some.

Being middle-aged, my sexuality is well-developed. I’m very comfortable being a mother son roleplay escort. I have matured and I accept all sorts of thoughts and fantasies in myself and others. I love mother-son, or mummy-boy, roleplay. It sounds really dirty and bad, I know, but that’s why I love it! I can’t help it — I have a kinky side. The taboo naughtiness of it drives me wild. I love to engage with a man who can tap into those deep feelings and allow himself to indulge his imagination of ‘mother’ while suckling on my breast. Or corrupt his innocence and train him how to properly please mummy. Oh, it’s very bad, isn’t it?

No matter your desires, nothing will shock me. The one caveat is that I am not into adult b a b y play or any of its accoutrements. Not that it shocks me, it’s just not my thing. Though scenarios with you in a very young headspace are delightful, indeed.

Let’s explore some of the aspects of taboo incest roleplay with a mother son dynamic. You may be interested in experiencing all of these in your booking, only one, or something else altogether.

Maternal, Motherly Nurturing and Comfort

Your main interest may be to receive nurturing and comfort without a sexual element at all. Many people never had a deep bond with their mother. This could have been due to adoption, death of the mother, family separation, mental illness, or emotional instability of the mother. Without those early bonds of attachment and unconditional love, many people never feel worthy or complete. I can offer you unconditional positive regard and affection in an atmosphere of emotional safety. We can cuddle and talk or have a cup of tea, or perhaps you’d prefer a cup of warm milk and honey. You can allow yourself to float away into your childhood need for mummy in a very soothing and relaxing environment.

Adult Breastfeeding, ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship), Suckling

For some of you, a big component of that comfort will be adult breastfeeding, adult nursing relationship or suckling. Unfortunately, I do not lactate, but I very much enjoy breast feeding or suckling. It really turns me on, especially in an incestuous roleplay scenario with my young ‘son’. Though not interested adult b a b y play, but I do enjoy having my nipples sucked and breasts played with and cuddled. Some men like to spend their whole session time suckling and receiving comfort, usually whilst I rub their willies — no surprise there! : )  If you like to have a handjob while sucking on my tits, then I will give you a very sensual, erotic handjob, teasing you mercilessly while you nurse on my breasts and pretend to be my son.

London Ageplay — Mother Son Roleplay

I provide ageplay; however, engaging in mummy or mother son roleplay does not necessarily have an ageplay component. That means not everyone imagines himself as a child or underage when doing this type of roleplay. But some do. Often when a man first contacts me, he is very reluctant to admit his desire to pretend to be a minor. I can assure you that no age you imagine being will shock me. Again, let’s not forget that we are adults using our imaginations and not committing any crimes. And I am very open to you expressing your need or desire to regress emotionally for a little while and interact with me as your mother.

I find ageplay mummy son roleplay incredibly arousing. It touches on concepts and feelings that are very primal, genetically wired into us. It’s such an intimate and intense roleplay scenario! For this reason, I highly recommend you book two hours for these sessions. If you are new to this sort of thing, it will take you time to relax and get over the awkwardness (though I do my best to put you at ease). Then we need time to build the feelings. And afterwards, you may need some time to ‘come down’. This is not uncommon, due to the mind-blowing nature of this type of interaction.

If you are interested in being younger without an incest component, I am also a London ageplay escort.

Aunt / Nephew Incest Roleplay

Alternatively, incest roleplay can be an aunt / nephew scenario. Some people prefer this fantasy over mother/son, and many men I’ve spoken to have said they really would like to fuck their aunt. It seems there are a lot of hot aunties out there with horny nephews gagging for them! I can be your surrogate aunt for some seriously hot and horny aunt/nephew incest roleplay. Just let me know what you want to get up to and we can have a super sexy time breaking the rules and letting nature take its course. You can live out your fantasy of having passionate, dirty sex with aunty in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Some Questions For You to Consider When Enquiring About Incest Roleplay

  • What age do you imagine yourself in this scenario?
  • Do you see yourself as an innocent boy who is corrupted by his mother / aunt?
  • Is this something you would engage in willingly or do you have the wish to be ‘abused’ or ‘molested’ by mummy / aunty?
  • Is this a sexual experience or a nurturing and comforting one?
  • Do you see yourself as an adult son / nephew?
  • Is your fantasy to be seduced or do the seducing?
  • Do you have a desire to breastfeed/suckle? You don’t necessarily need to be in a small child headspace to do this.

I invite you to be as open with me as possible. This will help us to have a very intimate and satisfying mother son or aunt nephew roleplay experience. Your ageplay fantasies are safe with me! If your specific interests aren’t addressed here, please do contact me to discuss your desires and we can arrange a meeting at my cosy London premises.

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