Independent London Escort Phone Services

I am an independent London escort, offering phone sex services. I don’t offer in-person meets anymore. I stopped doing that when Covid-19 hit us like a tidal wave. During that time, I started offering phone sex as an alernative to in-calls.

What I discovered is that sexy phone chats are quite horny, indeed. And they are the ideal way to protect our sexual health. Most of eroticism happens in our imaginations anyway, so this is a great way to reach sexual satisfaction.

When providing independent London escort services, my philosophy is to have a relaxing, fun, sexy time. When we’re talking, you are my special ‘guest’ and it is your chance to escape the stresses of every day life and have a deeply satisfying experience with a mature incest taboo escort.

Sexy Phone Chat or Video Chat

Feeling horny during lockdown and need to get your rocks off? Want to stay safe and healthy in the process? Why not consider my sexy phone chat service?

Mother / Son Roleplay Specialist

I love getting down and dirty with my ‘son’. Shocking! Disgraceful! And absolutely horny. Fantasy roleplay is one of my favourites. The psychology of sexuality fascinates me. And I just can’t keep my mind inside the box of what’s supposed to be ‘normal’. It’s so exciting and erotic to explore the taboo areas of our desires. It isn’t about acting, it’s about getting in touch with what we feel inside and want to experience. Being consenting adults, we can play out any raunchy sexual fantasy our hearts desire!

Want to hear more? Read about why and how I enjoy mother son roleplay.

Daddy / Daughter Roleplay Specialist

If mother/son isn’t your thing, maybe you prefer daddy daughter incest roleplay? They say all women have a little girl aspect to their characters. I have a decent amount of experience getting in touch with this side of my personality in super naughty ways! It’s oh-so-wrong, but an incredibly horny fantasy, don’t you think?

Ageplay Fantasy Roleplay

Do you have a deep dark need to get in touch with your inner child? Does the idea of sexy ageplay fantasy roleplay excite you? Then you need a mature, nurturing, mother figure to comfort you in my very erotic and special way. Shhh, it’s our secret!

Therapy or Confessional

Do you need a sex therapist or someone to confess to? This isn’t nun or religious fetish roleplay. It’s having an ear to bend. Do you have dark secrets and dirty desires you need to get off your chest? Do you need reassurance that your desires are ‘normal’, or do you need punishment for your transgressions? Perhaps you need to relieve the pressure of the guilt of an affair. I am not a practicing therapist, but I do have a background in psychology and counseling, and I am happy to listen and offer support or a bit of guidance if necessary. This is a safe place to talk about what’s bothering you in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.