London Ageplay Fetish Escort

I am a London ageplay fetish escort. That means you can pretend to be a little boy while I pretend to be a caretaker, neighbour, or family friend who exploits you sexually for my own pleasure.

The age you wish to be in your ageplay fantasy is up to you, and nothing will shock me; however, I have no interest in adult baby play, sorry. I do enjoy breastfeeding though, so if you imagine being a little boy (but not a baby) who likes to suckle, then I can provide that (please take note that I don’t actually lactate).

Based on my experience as an escort and with men in general, I can tell you that the fantasy of being younger is quite common. Many men have a strong desire to play out the fantasy of being a young boy who is exploited, seduced, or ‘molested’ by a grown woman, especially a middle-aged woman. We grow up so fast and often don’t get the nurturing we needed or never got to experiment or follow up with curiosities or fantasies we had as children. Yes, Virginia, children have sexual fantasies, too!

As an adult, you can experience those fantasies with me in a safe, understanding and legal environment. We are adults with active imaginations and filthy, dirty fantasy lives that need attending to! I can help you explore any filthy, kinky, perverted fantasy you have and provide an incredibly satisfying sexual outlet for you.

I know ageplay fetish roleplay, or pretending to seduce a little boy, is considered abhorrent by society at large, but I find it extremely horny. Beause my arousal is genuine, I can give you a super sexy and satisfying experience.