Independent, Mature London Escort Specialising in GFE, Mother/Son Taboo, and Ageplay Role Play

Vintage lingerie and opera gloves, sitting on antique dresser in provocative pose

Welcome. I am an independent, mature London escort, meaning I have no managers and I don’t work through an agency. I run my own affairs, pun intended. This means that coming to me is like visiting as a guest in my home.

I provide incall services in east London. My services consist of two general categories: full service escort and no-intercourse adult companionship. Respectful gentlemen are welcome to spend time with me.

If you’re here, then obviously you are seeking a sexy encounter with an older, sexy woman. Well look no further, because I enjoy hot, lusty encounters with passionate, intelligent men. If you like the femme fatale type, then we should get along just fine.

I am educated and a well-spoken, native English speaker. My philosophy regarding providing escort and companion services is for us to have a truly satisfying time together. I think an important way to make sure that happens is to allow time for you to settle in and relax when you arrive. We will take a few minutes to review our phone chat and discuss your sexual interests and fantasies, and how I can fulfill those for you. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t enjoy yourself, so I take the time to put you at ease. You will always have my full attention and I will give you a quality service. This is one advantage of visiting a mature London escort — I am older, wiser, and comfortable in my own skin, and therefore able to help you relax.

Whilst you are here, you will be treated as an individual and your unique qualities will be focused on and appreciated. This is your time to get your needs met. There will be no rush and you will never be made to feel like you are on a conveyor belt or hurried out the door so the next one can come along. Further, you will always get the full time you booked. Even if you finish sooner than expected, I will spend the rest of our session giving you a massage, or we can go another round, or just have a chat — whatever you like!

Being a mature woman, I truly enjoy the company of men. I am well beyond the insecurities and inhibitions of youth. In fact, I like being an escort and I want your time with me to be a fantastic, erotic experience!

As a London independent escort, I offer a variety of services, including the following:

GFE, Mother/Son Taboo Family and Ageplay Role Play

As a mature London escort, I fit naturally into the role of ‘Mother’. in Mother/son fantasy roleplay. Taboo family roleplay and ageplay, are controversial topics, but given that it is nothing more than imagination play between consenting adults, I see no harm in it. I believe our needs for this type of fantasy exploration are deep-seated, primal and beyond comprehension for most of us. We just know that deep down, buried in the recesses of our brains, there is a little ember of a thought, a primal desire, for something considered taboo. I find psychology and human behaviour totally fascinating, which is why I offer taboo family ageplay roleplay. I offer this is in a couple different ways: Mother/son roleplay and Daddy/daughter roleplay in London. I am able to use my imagination and inner desires to get into the right mindset to provide a very realistic and intense experience for you.

Amazing, Killer Blowjobs — The Best Blowjobs in London

I really love giving oral pleasure. I guess because I have a bit of an oral fixation and I love to suck cock! There it is, the plain truth of it. I love the feel of a swollen cock in my mouth. And I know how to fellate a man into pure bliss. I have a lot of experience. Read more about the best blowjob in London.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience

I’ve always been confused by the term GFE / girlfriend experience. When men ask me for this, I used to say, ‘Well, what alternative is there?’ Isn’t this the whole point of an escort encounter? I mean, we aren’t meeting up to do your bookkeeping, right? My point is, I treat every visitor like my boyfriend, with lots of attention and tender loving care.

Adult Companionship and No-Sex Escort Services

Some men prefer not to have actual intercourse. This is perfectly fine and I will still give you a very satisfying time. I offer adult companionship and provide sexual relief to you in various ways without sexual intercourse. Read more about my London adult companion service.