Mature London Phone Sex Escort: Mother-Son Taboo Incest Specialist, and Sex Therapist

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Welcome! I am a mature London BBW phone sex escort. I specialise in mother son taboo incest roleplay, and other variations, such as father daughter or aunt-nephew fantasy roleplay.

One could also consider me a sex therapist, as what I do is so therapeutic and cathartic, based on the feedback I’ve gotten from many of my callers. It helps that I have a background in clinical counseling.

I am educated and a well-spoken, native English speaker. My philosophy regarding providing phone sex services is for us to have a truly satisfying time together. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t enjoy yourself, so I take the time to put you at ease. You will always have my full attention and I will give you a quality service.

I am very experienced in mother son taboo family incest roleplay, and I will give you a very personalised service. I will take the time to explore your fantasy and the details of the scenario you want to play out.

I am an independent woman and a free thinker, and I truly enjoy mother-son roleplay and incest fantasies. I know family sex is a controversial subject, but given that it is nothing more than imagination play between consenting adults, I see no harm in it.

I believe our needs for this type of fantasy exploration are deep-seated, primal and beyond comprehension for most of us. We just know that deep down, buried in the recesses of our brains, there is a little ember of a thought, a primal desire, for something considered taboo. I find psychology and human behaviour totally fascinating, which is why I love taboo kinky roleplay. I am able to use my imagination and inner desires to get into the right mindset to provide a very realistic and intense experience for you.

Phone Sex Escort

Though I no longer see people in person, and provide only phone sex services now, I still refer to myself as an escort. I’m still a sex worker, because the service I offer is explicitly sexual and very kinky, bringing you to a very happy ending.

My taboo phone sex services as a London escort include the following scenarios:

Kinky Mother-Son Taboo Family Incest Fantasy Phone Sex Escort

As a mature escort, I fit naturally into the role of ‘Mother’ in taboo Mother son incest roleplay. I’m a kinky mom-son specialist who enjoys fantasy family roleplay. You can read in more detail about the Mother son roleplay I offer.

Whether you prefer to call me ‘mother’, ‘mum’, ‘mummy’, ‘mom’, or ‘mommy’, it’s the same concept: I will be your nurturing, perverted mummy and you will be my sexy, dirty son — Mummy’s good boy. We will have an incredibly erotic and sensual, sexual experience that will blow your mind!

Taboo Daddy-Daughter Incest Family Role Play Fantasy Phone Sex Escort

Despite being a middle-aged woman, I can seriously get into a little girl mindset for naughty and filthy daddy-daughter role play. There’s something very primal about these incestuous dad-daughter or father daughter desires. Being a female, the idea of ‘father’ having his way with me is ridiculously erotic. It’s so wrong, I know, but it’s exciting to indulge in.

If you have the desire to explore daddy daughter or father-daughter incest roleplay with me, I welcome your enquiries. I can be the hot teenager who teases you or the innocent little girl you ‘molest’.

Ageplay Fetish Fantasy Roleplay

Mother/son or daddy/daughter incest fantasy isn’t necessarily about ageplay, and ageplay isn’t necessarily about family taboo or incest roleplay. Some people have a fantasy of being younger than they are, but in a scenario with a neighbour, teacher, or some other caretaker who exploits their vulnerability for their own sexual pleasure, thereby taking the younger person down a sinister, yet exciting, road of mind-fuckery and perversion.

I find this sort of thing incredibly horny! Ageplay fetish is so naughty! I love the idea of corrupting a young innocent ‘boy’ or being ‘molested’ by an older man. I am happy to lure you into my kinky web of fantasy play in a range of ages; however, I don’t offer an adult b a b y service.

Kinky/Taboo Sex Therapist

In addition to a taboo phone sex incest roleplay escort, do you need a sex therapist? So many men have told me what I do is like therapy, so I decided to include it on my website. I’m not a qualified counselor, though I do have an educational background in psychology and counseling (in a previous life). This training, plus my experience as a London escort (and as a woman), gives me sufficient knowledge to perhaps help you sort through some of your thoughts and feelings regarding your sexuality or sexual desires and fantasies. Often, simply acting out or roleplaying taboo incest fantasies is quite therapeutic itself; therefore, as well as a mother son escort, I’m also sort of a quasi-sex therapist, albeit a taboo kinky sex therapist.