Booking and Fee Information

NB: Please be aware that I now do ONLY phone sex services. If I decide to start offering full personal services again, I will announce it on the front page. Please don’t phone or text me asking if I’m seeing people yet; just check back with my site now and then. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are seeking a phone chat, I can often do relatively short notice. If you want a video chat, I need more notice, at least 3-4 hours. Ideally, 24.

Phone Sex Service

I offer a highly specialised and high quality service. I am very experienced and knowledgeable about incest roleplay. I offer you a unique opportunity to talk about things you likely have never told another human being. As such, I believe the fees for my time and expertise are reasonable, so it would be appreciated if you would not ask for discounts, as none will be given.


Generally speaking, my phone is on from Monday to Friday 12’ish to 7’ish and Saturdays from 12’ish to 3’ish. I almost never work on Sundays. However, I can be available almost any day/time with advanced notice.

If you phone and reach voicemail, just try again. I’m terrible about checking voice messages (I don’t know why!), so it’s probably best not to leave a voice message. But I do suggest you listen to my voice message, as I usually include important updates regarding my availability. If you wish, you can message me on Whatsapp requesting a call. I prefer Whatsapp to standard SMS texting

There are periods when I take multiple days off to see family, etc, so if you have been trying for days to reach me and keep getting voicemail, that’s why. But don’t worry, I always come back.

The short version is, just ring me and see if I’m free. Or suck it and see, as the Brits say 🙂 If I’m available, I’ll answer; if I’m not, I won’t. As the Meerkats say, “Simples!”

Phone and Video Chat Fees

15 minutes£40
30 minutes£60
45 minutes£80
60 minutes£100

Fees are payable via pay pa1 or bank transfer. Contact me for details. I have also considered getting Cashapp. If this would be more convenient for you, let me know. If enough people would prefer this method, I will get it.