Contact London E16 Escort Kurvy Kelly

For the time being, due to Coronavirus, I am doing ONLY phone sessions. Read more about my sexy phone chats. For updates about my availability, please check my blog.

Also, I will do video, but only clothed, as I don’t want any videos or screen shots made of me in the nude or in compromising positions. My number is at the bottom of the page.

By now, you get the idea that I’m a London E16 escort. It seems I have to keep plugging away at those keywords for the benefit of Google. Ah, that double-edged sword, Google.

Anyway, I hope you actually read my website and didn’t just jump straight to the contact info. You naughty boy. Should I spank you for that? Probably.

I welcome enquiries from respectful gentlemen who genuinely intend to make a booking.

You are welcome to phone me any time. There’s no harm in trying to see me. Sometimes I can take short-notice bookings. Please see my Booking Info page for details about my hours and fees.

If you reach my voice mail, just try later. But you should listen to the message, because I include important information there about my availability. If you are new, i.e. I’ve never spoken to you before, PLEASE PHONE ME RATHER THAN TEXTING.

I am not yet seeing people in person. I am currently ONLY doing phone sessions. PLEASE check my homepage or blog for updates rather than phoning or texting to ask whether I’m back to work yet. Thank you!