Sexy Phone Chat with a Happy Ending

Hello there, sexy man.

During lockdown, it is very frustrating, I know, to repress your sexual urges. This is especially true for my regulars, who live for our special fantasy mother son encounters together.

If you just can’t live without me, there is always the option of a sexy phone chat! We can have as dirty a taboo conversation as you like. It doesn’t have to be taboo, though. We can get down and dirty about (almost) any topic you like. I can whisper sultry naughtiness in your ear while instructing you to touch yourself for me until you have a very happy ending.

Talking on the phone is a very safe way to meet your sexual needs during this time of social distancing. In some ways, a sexy phone chat can be more horny than meeting in person, as it leaves a lot to the imagination and it’s such a tease.

Another advantage is that, if you’re married, it spares you the guilt of infidelity. So it’s sort of like the best of both worlds.

How Does Sexy Phone Chat Work?

Please note that I can talk to you on Whatsapp video, but only to show myself clothed. I won’t do nude or lewd sessions via video, sorry.

Please give me at least an hour’s notice for a sexy phone chat without video and at least 2 hours’ notice for video chat. Thanks.


  • 20 minutes: £40
  • 30 minutes: £50
  • 45 minutes: £70
  • 60 minutes: £90

Fees are payable via pay pal or bank transfer. Because pay pal doesn’t allow promotion on adult sites, I can’t list the details here.

If you’re interested, give me a call and we will have a brief chat about the scenario you want to explore and to make sure I can fulfill that for you. If you’re happy to go ahead, I will give you payment details. After you send the payment, you phone me back and we can get down to horny business. Rawr.

So give me a call, big boy, and let’s get naughty with a sexy phone chat with a happy ending!