I don’t know how much porn you watch or are aware of, but mother son porn fantasy is on the rise. I’ve noticed this myself when surfing around the porn sites. And one article I read said that searches on porn sites for “family-themed adult fun” (I just love that description!) spiked by 700% in 2014 in the U.S.A. I don’t know the original source of that statistic or how scientifically the research was done, but even discussing the topic indicates a significant interest in this area of human behaviour. There are dedicated tumblr pages about mother son incest. And there’s even an interest page on Facebook called Mother son roleplay!

Whatever you think of this sort of this thing, whether you find it disgusting and abhorrent or not, the fact is, people are interested in exploring these types of fantasies. I think people are sick to death of being dictated to about their sexualtiy. No legislation can quash the human spirit or imagination. As consenting adults we are free to think, and fuck, howeve we want.

So, dear readers, perv out and enjoy yourselves! Or come along and enjoy me in a steamy session of mother son roleplay.