Coronavirus Update 5 – Help me get sloshed over Christmas?

Greetings, darling!

Well, as of yesterday, the UK had 26,860 new cases. We are ranked fifth in the world for the total number of deaths. Isn’t that astounding? A so-called developed country, and of the world’s superpowers? Disgraceful.

Anyway, we mustn’t dwell on the horror, or we will all go insane! I’m hanging on by a thread as it is. How about you? How are you coping? And what are your plans for Christmas? Hopefully, you will be with your loved ones enjoying a blessed yuletide.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be with my loved ones this year. I could perhaps sneak over to see them, but given that they live quite far away, it’s probably best not to chance it. Also, I wouldn’t want to inadvertently pick up this nasty affliction at a petrol station and carry it to them.

So, my intention is to make the most of my Christmas day alone and spoil myself rotten in splendid luxury. I plan to cook a sumptuous turkey dinner (with LOTS of gravy), sip martinis, lounge around in my pyjamas, and watch those cheesy, god-awful American Christmas movies on the telly.

However, because the funds are so tight due to the lockdown, I need some assistance carrying out my plan for getting a lazy buzz on. Would you like to contribute to my booze-fuelled venture and help me have a holly, jolly Christmas? I have added the ingredients needed for the perfect martini(s!) to my Amaz0n wishlist, as well as some comfy loungewear items and a few good books to snuggle up with this winter. Whether you select one item on the list, or all of them, your present(s) will be gratefully received!

If you do lavish me with a Christmas present, you will be rewarded with a free 10-minute sexy phone call for each present you send me! So, be sure to text me and let me know who you are and what you chose for me so that I can keep track, and we will schedule a special, intimate conversation so I can thank you personally. I can tell you in lurid detail how I would show my gratitude in-person if we were together in my atmospheric love den.

If you prefer to skip the presents and just have a dirty chat, that’s fine, too.

Either way, let’s make this a very naughty Christmas!

Hopefully the vaccine will be effective and it will be distributed posthaste so we can all get back to our lives and be free again!

I genuinely hope that you are staying safe and well, darling, and that all your wishes come true this holiday season!

Lots of love,

Kelly xx