Coronavirus Update: 4 August

woman in red lipstick on red phone
Phone sex is safe sex.

Wow, how time flies! I’ve been off work due to this blasted bug for almost six months now. Crazy. And it’s exactly one month until my birthday. I think I’m freaking out more about that now than the pandemic! I will be 54. Time is a cruel master.

The corona case numbers have gone way down in the UK. I’ve had lots of calls asking me if I’m back to work yet, given the lifting of the lockdown. Unfortunately, however, the numbers are back on the rise again. It seems we are slowly, but surely, heading for that dreaded second wave.

In light of this, I am not yet back to doing in-person sessions. Sorry, fellas. Based on the research I’ve done regarding past pandemics and scientific data, I probably won’t be back to work until at least next year.

I know that a lot of people base their actions on what the politicians report, but I prefer to get my information from science. You can’t argue with facts, no matter what one hears in the media. Listening to the news will do your head in — it does mine! So I prefer to avoid most of that noise. I don’t believe that most politicians have our best interests at heart. Shocking, I know. After all, in the beginning of all this, Boris Johnson stated on national news that he thought it was probably best to just let the virus ‘burn through’ the population! That truly IS shocking!

Anyway, I am continuing my self-isolation in the interests of my health and yours. It’s difficult, both emotionally and financially, but it really does seem to be the safest course of action.

So, hang in there, everyone, and if you get so horny you feel like your head(s) will explode, you can always have a sexy phone chat with me xx.