Hello! How are you holding up? What a bizarre time we are living in! It seems the second wave of coronavirus is knocking at our doors, so we must remain vigilant in keeping ourselves safe and healthy. I remain in isolation toward that end.

This deadly virus and the consequent social distancing are very limiting on one’s sex life. As a man, you must be incredibly frustrated! I know how badly you need to fulfill those masculine urges for sexual satisfaction.

In normal times, I am able to help you meet those needs face-to-face, or body-to-body, with intense passion and great skill. I know how to tune into your cravings and drive you mad with desire.

During social distancing, I use my voice and my words to create images and scenarios that will make you nearly as horny and still give you explosive release. The best phone sex you ever had!

If you can no longer bear the involuntary celibacy, give me a call and let’s arrange an intimate, filthy conversation.