GFE Girlfriend Experience and Cosy Retreat

atmospheric bedroom

So, what is GFE Girlfriend Experience? I’ve heard many descriptions, but the gist of it seems to be the desire to be treated with warmth and affection, rather than just having a ‘wham-bam-thank-you-maam’ type of experience. I’m guessing you need a friendly, relaxing sanctuary in which to escape the stresses of life and get some comfort and TLC. It’s hard enough living in London, which is a very hectic and stressful place. At times it can be harsh and unfriendly. This doesn’t even take into account one’s job pressures and home life. We all need time and space for calm and serenity, but few of us get it these days.

The goal of GFE is to treat you like my boyfriend. It’s a situation in which you can chill out in the company of a warm and friendly woman. But without the usual headaches. I understand your need for sexual release within a GFE girlfriend experience situation but without the hassles of strings, obligations and emotional entanglement. We can have a fabulous time in a simple, pleasant atmosphere.

My cosy, atmospheric retreat is the ideal place to relax and let loose. I always play soothing background music and have dim mood lighting. I will pamper you and offer you sanctuary from this crazy world we’re living in. For example, I can give you a very soothing full-body massage with warm lotion, listen to your daily troubles and show you lots of affection. And, of course, give you very satisfying sexual release. Just like a girlfriend! You will be teased and titillated into torrid, tormenting, tingling tumescence til you…explode (I couldn’t find a synonym for ‘explode’ that starts with a ‘t’. Any suggestions?)

Give me a bell and let’s discuss your needs. Then you can come round for a nice cup of tea before we get down to the business at hand.