Some Pandemic Thoughts and a Big Thank You

Hello lovely readers. I realise that I don’t blog very often. I had considered doing so regularly during this crisis period; afterall, I’m not doing much else right now, and it’s the perfect time for reflection.

But you see, that’s the very problem, the reflecting on this pandemic and all the associated factors and repercussions has gotten me quite down and a bit despondent about the future on so many levels. I didn’t think that would be the best frame of mind from which to address my audience; however, I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way, so I’m sure you’ll understand if I seem a bit gloomy. It’s a very difficult time, indeed.

But there is so much good in the world; so many thoughtful and generous people who really do set a shining example. I am fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of some of these gems. I’ve had contributions from both adoring long-term regulars and charming new (virtual) acquaintances alike.

Contributions have come in various forms, including monetary donations of varying amounts, grocery purchase and delivery to me, thoughtful voice and text messages, and a small gift delivered in person (six feet apart, of course).

I have found each of these actions incredibly considerate and kind. I am so touched that, during such a universally dire and scary time, some of you have thought of me, and more than that, have given of your resources (thoughts, time, effort, finances) to help make my life better.

I want to express my appreciation and send out a big thank you to each of you lovely gentlemen! You know who you are. Just as I don’t forget when someone wrongs me, I don’t forget when someone is good to me.

You know, when I first considered going into this line of work, I was warned off by a couple of close female friends, telling me that it would be dangerous and that men would treat me badly. But you know what? The opposite has been true. Honestly, my visitors have treated me better than any boyfriend ever did.

Now, on a final note, related to this damn disease: If you would like an insider’s view of what’s happening with coronavirus, you can check out Dr. Hope’s Sick Notes channel on Youtube. He has a very pleasant personality and discusses what it’s like for he and other NHS staff at a hospital in Essex. He’s become quite popular for his sensible, compassionate approach, and his interviews with a pulmonary consultant at the hospital. You might find it a more uplifting version of events than the daily news.

Right then, take care everyone. I mean that. Be CAREFUL — wear masks, practice impeccable hygiene, and stay the fuck home! Oh, that reminds me — this ought to cheer you up…

David Attenborough narrates people breaking lock down rules.