My Secret Guilty Pleasure

Now, given what I do for a living, I’m sure you’re having all sorts of titillating ideas of what this could possibly be. Is it something steamy and lascivious? Um, well, no. My secret guilty pleasure is X Factor! Is that groaning I hear? Aw, come on, don’t be disappointed. X Factor is fun!

Ok, I know it doesn’t have the best reputation, and I do appreciate the hype and the cheesiness of some of it. But at the core of the whole theatrical production is truckloads of talent. I love to see ordinary, everyday people come on stage in an audtion and wow us with their amazing singing ability. No, not everyone can sing, but many of them can. I’m especially awe-struck by the young ones who sing like superstars. Where does talent come from?? I can’t carry a tune in a basket, as my grandma used to say (Grandma was full of sayings! I’ll probably touch on many of them through the course of my blogs).

Chloe Mafia in pool in California
Chloe Mafia

The X Factor hasn’t been a stranger to the presence of escorts on its show. In 2010, Chloe Mafia appeared on the show, and was slated in papers like the Daily Mail. Chloe, whose real surname is Khan, was characterized as a “chav”. She lived on a council estate in Wakefield and apparantly has a criminal history. She didn’t do well on the show because she can’t really sing. But she gained a lot of exposure from her appearance on the show and started charging more for her escort services. Smart girl. Very smart, it seems, because now, just four years later, thanks to a thriving webcam stripping business (and no doubt her new HH tits), she’s a multi-millionaire and lives in a mansion in California. So I suppose you could say that a chav prostitute from a council estate in England is one of the biggest X Factor winners ever! Well done, Chloe.