Coronavirus Update 4

So, who’s fed up now? Anybody else fed up, or is it just me? Oh, you’re fed up, too? Of course you are. This whole situation is becoming a major hindrance now, isn’t it? And the government imposes ever tighter restrictions on our freedoms (but that’s a story for another post). I understand that this is a serious public health situation, but I also know that people’s lives and livelihoods can’t take much more of this. Including mine.

This does not mean I will resume seeing people in-person, however. Unfortunately, darling, it’s still not safe to engage in such intimate contact. You’re welcome to phone me, if you like, and we can discuss having a very sexy phone session. Otherwise, I’m still in isolation 🙁 It’s becoming increasingly difficult, and I’m around to climb the walls, but it’s still the safest thing to do.

For now, I continue to watch the U.S. Presidential election results. I’ve hardly slept in three days. Fingers crossed for ousting the sociopath!

I look forward to the day when we can mingle again, darling. xx